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  • Review from Kayla S.
  • Got my car’s tints here and I was really impressed. The work they have is great and fast. Like what most people say here, they are indeed professionals. They have clear attention to details and they never use poor quality tints.

    In terms of customer service, I have nothing to complain. Phone representative was informative and nice. When I went to their store, the manager as well as the front desk was helpful and accommodating. I feel comfortable talking with them. And because I feel comfortable with them, it was easy for me to trust them and let them tint my car.

    The awesome service they had led me to another decision. That is to bring my father here and have his car tinted as well. And they never let me down. My father was really happy to see the result. 

    Guys, if you are reading this review and would want to have your car tinted, just give this place a try. You’ll never regret it. I never regretted mine…

  • Review from Sam E.


    Got my VW Tints yesterday. The customer service is great. The quality of work is awesome. 

    Highly recommended!

  • Review from Hrag I

    I just got my 2014 Lexus IS250 F-Sport tinted here and it looks better than ever. I ended up going for the 3M tints. The service was so good, I really have no words to explain it. I tell all my friends who need to get their tints done to come to this place. 
    The owner Jack is very knowledgeable when it comes to tints and cars/tuning in general. 

    The place is very clean and they have a large waiting area with free drinks and stuff.

  • Review from Jay J.


    After searching & reading many positive reviews, I got my new 2014 Lexus IS250 tinted today at United Tint. 

    Jack and the team were very friendly, professional and delivered exceptional service/advice.  They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on the phone or in person. 

    Originally I was concerned about removing panels and window seals etc being a new car and all, but the good thing is that 98% of the time they don’t have to remove unless it’s an absolute must.  I was super happy they were able to install professionally without removing anything and the quality of work and care is exceptional.  I got the 3M colorstable that comes with a lifetime warranty on fading, peeling, bubbles etc.  They also have a very clean and tidy waiting room with comfy lounges, nice TV, stocked fridge with drinks and coffee/tea while you wait.  

    I highly recommend these guys if you really love your car and want to get it tinted!

  • Review from Mike B.


    UNITED TINT is the one and only place to get your tints done!

    I used to have a tint guy, someone I like to call the Japanese tint master, who I used to have all my cars tinted by. Recently he passed away so I had to search for a new place to get my tints done. I searched Yelp and was overwhelmed by the plethora of great reviews for United Tint so I thought I would give them a shot on my new Lexus GS F-Sport.

    I came in one day passing by and asked to see their work. The two owners here, Jack and Mike, are exceptional people and commendable businessmen. They are very professional and took a large amount of time out of their day to explain everything to me and show me samples of their work. Needless to say, the quality of their work is bar none. They are very meticulous about the details, things that most people would not notice unless they had a lot of experience with tints and a great deal of knowledge about cars. The tints come right around to the edges of the windows, so close that you could never tell where the tint ends and the window begins, as if the two are one from the factory. Excellent. This is the sign of a quality tint installer. They also had a variety of different tint products to choose from with varying prices. There was something for everyone.

    Nevertheless, one week later I called up Mike, asked to bring the car in the same day and they were able to accommodate me. If i had to use one word to describe the quality of their work, their professionalism, and their knowledge — it would be EXCEPTIONAL! They also have a great customer lounge and waiting area with amenities provided which was also great. This type of service is hard to find nowadays. Needless to say, I have found my new lifetime tint shop. Look no further people, UNITED TINT is your spot for everything tints. 

    Thanks again to Mike and Jack and everyone at UNITED TINT. Love my quality tints! Keep it up guys!!!

  • Review from Kezia H.


    The place is really nice and the people there were very friendly, they really know how to treat a customer..

    It doesnt take them long to do the tinting and my windows looked really good..very reasonable pricing as well 🙂

  • Review from Deacon W.


    This place was recommended to me by a co-worker who also got his car’s windshield tinted here. I was a bit jealous at how cool his car has become, and I thought maybe I should get my car tinted as well. 

    After preparing my car, I dropped by at United Tint on my day off and there the staff greeted me. I told them to install tint my car and one of them showed me this 3-M crystalline tint. It’s the same with the one my co-worker had and it looks really good. They quickly started their work and they did it really carefully with efficiency in mind. The result was more than I could ever think of. My car looks all brand new now just from changing the tint. The price was really reasonable with the quality of their work and I can say that I am really satisfied with the results. I also decided to have my other car tinted as well next time.

  • Review fromi Review D.


    Got my 2014 Q50 tinted here. Wow these guys work fast and very professional. They really take care of your car and pay attention to every detail. Do not go anywhere else, call Jack and make an appointment right away. You won’t regret it.

  • Review from Jaymie W.


    Brought my Benz GLK over to have its tint replaced with 3M Crystalline Tint, which was suggested by my cousin who also had her tint recently replaced. She also recommended me to this United Tint and since it was near, I decided to go here the next day.

    The place is amazing and I can feel this aura of professionalism here. The guys quickly did their job on changing the tint of my car. They were careful with the work and I can see that they really know their stuff. 

    After the tint was replaced, I was really amazed at how good my car looks right now. It looks like brand new and with an impressive new tint that goes along with it. I am thankful for the guys at United Tint for a job well done.

  • Review from Jann R.


    These guys really know how to treat their customers. That is why I keep coming back. I brought my BMW here and I was very pleased with the service and quality. I had a bad experience with another tint shop who had used cheap tints on my brand new BMW which didn’t end well. I came here and the owner, Jack, explained to me the difference between all the difference kinds of window tinting films and removed the cheap one and replaced it with some quality window tints.

  • Review from Narek D.


    About 2 weeks ago I took my 13 Veloster here for 3M tint. I am a very professional when it comes to my work therefore I expect the same from everywhere. I know almost all tint shops in Glendale area. This one is the most professional and quality controlled one. Highly suggest. Location is great , waiting area is very clean and organized. They have the top quality films from $150 a car to $550. I went with Stable with crystalline windshield and very happy
    If you are looking for chip alternative with brand X film this place is definitely not for you. I will vouch for their work

  • Review from Nadia M.


    I came today to upgrade my tint to a Crystalline, which is the best in a market. OMG!!! When I’m driving now the sun goes directly to my window and I feel absolutely no heat on my skin!!!! It’s unbelievable! It’s not just keeps my car cool inside, it’s also protects my skin from cancer. It’s absolutely worth the investment! Tint on the car is like sunglasses for your face. You must have it. And not just any cheap tint out there, do some research, get the best one, you will feel the difference! 
    When I was driving to work today I thought it was overcast… It wasn’t… It’s my tint worked the magic;)
    I feel like a million bucks!

  • Review from Justin D.


    Went here on 12/21 and it was a hassle-free experience. They feature quality, 3M products and have a very comfortable waiting area with HD television, water, soda and coffee. It took just about one hour to do 5 windows. If only everything in life could be so easy. I have nothing bad to say.

  • Review from carlos g.


    This is a field I know off well .   Customer service, quality on time and convenience for warranty work.  I send many of our cars to Jack at  United tint.  I’ve yet to have a client who was not happy.  My latest car was my 2010  Golf that I had done with two different shades. Medium on the front windows, dark on the rear sides, and then medium on the rear hatch glass.  Perfect for night driving.  If you want it done like this tell them Carlos said, give you the Jack  Special!

  • Review from Monica H.


    I already owed these fine people a wonderful review from my previous visit, but after my experience today, I can’t put it off any longer! I already knew to expect nothing but the best quality of work, and I knew I would again be amazed by the above and beyond customer service. Today when I dropped off my car, I mentioned that tinting my windows was my birthday present to myself. When I came back to pick it up, I was so impressed by the perfect job done on my windows, and I was blown away upon seeing that they had vacuumed, washed, and hand waxed my car as birthday gift. The professionalism and kindness of the owners and staff, combined with the careful, precise, and timely job they do will keep me coming back and sending everyone I know their way!

  • Review from seung m.


    Got two cars tinted today here and I’m very impressed with both the owner Jack and his employees. They did a stellar job at excellent prices. Clean waiting room and work space. Highly recommend this place. Jack was very nice and I enjoyed the conversation with him which lasted quite a while. Thanks a lot!

  • Review from Pogo F.


    Got my Mercedes E350 windows tinted, professional work done, very happy, highly recommend to anyone looking for outstanding results.

  • Review from Art B.

    i could say by far the best tint shop i have ever been to. Very clean very professional and best of all my car looks amazing. Their are plenty of tint shops near me in duarte but i chose to drive to Glendale to get my car tinted. Best of all Jack is really nice and his prices are very reasonable!!!! thank you jack and guys at united for making my car look great !!!!!

  • Review from Billy W.


    Well well well, we have a tint shop in Glendale thats as classy as the owner. Its cleaner than a whistle, and they do a great job. Simply people,  if you need a tint, don’t hesitate, nice shop with even a table to drink an espresso while your getting your tint. The whackmobile hasn’t looked any better. Thx Tint Team.

  • Review from Harout K.

     4/22/2013 First to Review

    Yesterday, I bought a brand new Mustang at Star Ford in Glendale, I wanted to get the car tinted, so one of the guys at the dealership recommended United Tint which was just a few blocks down on Brand.

    The next day, i drove down to United Tint and at first glance i was simply amazed at the classiness of the place, Last time i got a car tinted somewhere else, i thought i was in a junk yard. United Tint was very clean and extremely comfortable. I had the choice of waiting in the cool lounge area where there was a flat screen, complimentary coffee and snacks or in the patio area under a shade.

    The guys working there were very professional and did a perfect job on my new car, the price is very reasonable for the quality of work. I was extremely satisfied and would definitely let them handle all my future vehicles and recommend United Tint to all my family and friends!

  • Review from Scott L.

    Great ownership. Great employees. Nice setup. Quick and easy. Overall highly recommend. Wow wow wow. Got my windows tinted in 30 minutes. Thanks guys!!!!

  • Review from Juan B.


    Great window tinting shop. Very clean and professional. Excellent waiting room! Great job guys!

  • Review from Grigor G.


    They did a very great job on tinting my car and did it really fast under an our. Overall very pleased and would recommend everyone to do it there.

  • Review from thomas P.


    I had two cars tint and they did a great job and wasn’t expensive. Will go back in the future.

  • Review from Erik K.


    I got both my cars tinted here and they do a very professional job, and is reasonably priced. I didn’t have to wait long at all, and the tints gave a whole new look to my cars. They know what the customer wants. I fully recommend United Tint for whom ever needs their car to be tinted.

  • Review from Jazzy N.


    Absolutely amazing!! The staff was great, the tinting professionals new exactly what they were doing, and they are very affordable. Hands down, this place has my vote!! Thanks United!!



    Recommend this place! Needed window tinting for my car with summer around the corner. Service was great, fair prices, nice clean shop. it looked like they take tinting very seriously. Very pleased with how my car looks by the way. Thanks for the good work!

      • Randal T.

      United Tint hooked up my new Benz with a custom wrap.  Was in shock when they got done with it.  I’ve had it for a few days and have literally had crowds of people around my cars taking photos with it.  United Tint rocks!!!

      • Marleah D.

      I’ve had 2 cars tinted there over the past few months and have been very pleased with their work. Would totally recommend them.

      • Danielle W.

      Love these guys! I called last minute they were able to get me in right away and they were extremely nice and friendly they didn’t make a fuss over the fact that I had my children with me. Extremely professional kept me updated on everything that was going on with my car. Had a very well kept waiting room with a television restroom very comfy chairs and refreshments.  A clean and friendly environment, I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone!

      • Howard C.

      I wanted to surprise my dad on his special day by giving his car a new look. So I decided to give it a new tint. He’s been having some problems with the old tint lately. I looked around the area and found this place after driving around for half an hour. 

      I met the owner here, Jack, and he showed me this window tint which seems to be a high-end window tint. After hearing some details and getting a quote for the installation, I told him that I will come back the next day. So I did.

      His crew quickly started on installing the tint. I waited patiently for them to finish and I can clearly see that they were working efficiently. After they were done, the cars looks so much better than before. Showed it to my dad and he was really surprised. He loved it.

      I am thankful for them. Two thumbs up for this place.

      • Shant K.

      WOW!  I was very impressed with United Tint.  Had my car windows tinted by these guys and it came out absolutely awesome!  If you want, honest, friendly, quality service, don’t waste your time looking anywhere else.

      • Chris K.

      Great job, a real professional operation. More businesses should be run this way.

      • Jennifer B.

      Out of many places I’ve been to , United Tint is at the top of my lift in everything you name it. The owner greeted me at the door helped me and explained the tint to me. By far the best service I ever received. The owner treats you how a customer should be treated. Great price great service. Definitely recommending this place to everyone. And if you’re reading this don’t think twice about United Tint. Go on over! You won’t regret it. Thanks for everything.

      • Jose M.

      The service in this place was very but super nice. The professionalism  the  salesman have is outstanding. He explained with details the different types of tints and opt out for the 3M FX Premium. Super nice people offered us a drink while we waited and even offered us to go to the mall while we waited, I mean what other place does this??.. Very satisfied with the service and friendly people as well. I’m glad I  got my windows tinted here :)…

      • Lina G.

      I really have no words for how pleased I am with my car after the window tinting. The tints look absolutely stunning on my new car. The place is really clean and they have a nice waiting room which kept me entertained until my car was ready. I went for the 3M crystalline tint which is the best out there. Now, even when the sun is blazing down on my car….I don’t even feel the heat one bit. Now my car is perfect for my drive on the 405 everyday.